To add your Office 365 account to your iPhone / iPad:

If you are replacing an existing account, please REMOVE the existing account first.

1. Go to Settings > Mail > Accounts , then tap the existing account you want to REMOVE.

2. Scroll the the bottom of that account, click 'Delete Account'

3. Click 'Delete Account' again. You can now add the new account using the directions below.

To ADD a new account

1. Go to Settings > Mail > Accounts, then tap Add Account.

2. Tap 'Microsoft Exchange'.

3. Put in your Email address and for Description, I would also put in your email address.

4. Tap 'Sign In' (If it asks you at this point, choose 'WORK Account'.)

5. Type in your Password, and tap 'Sign In' or 'Next'.

6. The Mail app may request certain permissions. Tap Accept.

7. Turn off everything EXCEPT for Mail.


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